Bakti Barito Foundation Celebrates Annual Barito Pacific Scholarship Award Ceremony

Jakarta, (June 20, 2024) – Bakti Barito Foundation, the corporate foundation of Barito Pacific, proudly celebrated its annual Barito Pacific Scholarship Award today, a ceremony recognizing the achievements of 49 outstanding students, including the introduction of a new program, Yayasan Bakti Barito Ikatan Dinas, aimed at providing career opportunities alongside educational support.


The event was attended by distinguished guests, scholarship recipients, and their families, as well as notable figures from the Barito Pacific group of companies. This year marks a significant milestone with the expansion of the scholarship program, made possible through the support of Chandra Asri.


In her opening speech, the Executive Director of Bakti Barito Foundation expressed heartfelt gratitude to Ibu Harlina, the foundation's founder, for her unwavering dedication and commitment to education. "Your vision and relentless support continue to inspire us all," she remarked.


The Barito Pacific Group Scholarship has long been a beacon of hope for the children of employees within the conglomerate, which includes prominent companies such as Griya Idola, Petrindo, Barito Renewables, Chandra Asri, Tamtama, and Aya Yayang. This year, the scholarship has been awarded to a total of 49 deserving students, including 4 recipients of the newly introduced Yayasan Bakti Barito Ikatan Dinas.


"We are immensely proud to support the education of our employees' children," said Fifi Pangestu, Executive Director of Bakti Barito Foundation. "Their hard work, perseverance, and dedication have brought them to this point, and we are honored to play a part in their educational journey."


The Barito Pacific Group Scholarship program works to ensure that employees' children graduate highschool or university and prepare to succeed in their careers, and increase the number of young people with real value in the workplace.


About Bakti Barito Foundation

Established in 2011, Bakti Barito Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Barito Pacific, an integrated energy company with diversified subsidiaries such as Chandra Asri, Star Energy Geothermal, Griya Idola, and more. Guided by the enduring commitment of our founders, Prajogo Pangestu and his wife Harlina Tjandinegara, the foundation is dedicated to addressing Indonesia's environmental and educational challenges through collaborative initiatives with our partners and the communities we serve.


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