Green Guardians

Green Guardians is our flagship effort aimed at using climate education as a powerful tool to empower youth to create lasting impact in their communities.

By working closely with teachers and schools, Bakti Barito equips children with the tools and knowledge needed to mitigate and adapt in the face of environmental challenges.

Empowering our children through climate education.

Our work includes providing tailored assistance to schools to help them achieve the Adiwiyata Award (i.e. our national green school accreditation system), capacity building for teachers, funding for basic sanitation and infrastructure, materials for implementation of waste management infrastructure, access to learning platforms on plastic waste management, biodiversity conservation, and disaster mitigation, tools to facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer between our assisted schools and the broader community. Additionally, we refine waste management by collaborating with local recyclers and waste banks to improve waste collection and recycling rate from schools.