Rethinking our relationship with plastics.

Plastic Road is our flagship program, reimagining our approach to plastics focusing on raising awareness and shifting behaviors to help combat the climate crisis and tackle the problem of unmanaged plastic waste. It includes groupwide initiatives by Barito Pacific and its subsidiaries in partnership with leading change organizations.

The program’s initiatives support the Indonesian Government’s goal to reduce unmanaged waste by 70% by 2030 and reduce marine plastic leakages by 2025.

Program Highlights

Kelola Plastik Untuk Bumi Lestari (Managing Plastics for a Sustainable Earth) is a school-wide initiative designed to inculcate a responsible consumption and waste management culture. Its Smart Learning Kits for Smarter Plastic Management modules are web-based and aligned to the national curriculum. Learning materials are presented in videos or games to encourage interactivity. The initiative aims to help students and teachers become exemplars of community waste management. It is active across 11 elementary schools across grades 1-6

Our innovative Plastic Asphalt Roads program, spearheaded by Chandra Asri, seeks to scale whole earth thinking and circular economy practices across Indonesia. So far, we have diverted 234.1 tons of plastic waste from leaking to the ocean, utilizing it for innovative plastic asphalt roads spanning 42.7 km. So, we can walk, cycle, and drive on plastic!

At Wisma Barito Pacific (our HQ), we work with Griya Idola, Barito Pacific’s parks and buildings management arm, to implement Zero-Waste Management principles. In collaboration with Waste4change, the program encourages tenants to manage and monitor the volume and transportation of segregated waste through to the end cycle. We strive to educate the community on waste sorting, starting from within the company. The initiative reduced waste generated by 60% in 2020 vs. 2019.