Plastic Asphalt for Sustainable Roads

Arising from Indonesia's commitment to reducing plastic waste to the ocean by 70% by 2025, Chandra Asri Group and Bakti Barito Foundation are partnering with district-level, city-level, and ministrial government, businesses, academic institutions, to meet this ambitious goal through an innovative solution.

Plastic asphalt roads, mixing plastic waste into asphalt, provides cities with a place to store approximately 1.6 tons of plastic per kilometer in exchange for 40% increased durability in road infrastructure.

Circular economy solutions for plastic waste.

As of December 2023, Chandra Asri Group has successfully surpassed the implementation target of 100 km across various regions in Java. Since 2018, Chandra Asri Group has successfully achieved 120.83 km of plastic asphalt implementation, managing 1,086.34 tons of plastic waste from landfill. By projecting road maintenance costs, plastic asphalt has the potential to reduce long-term maintenance costs compared to conventional asphalt, demonstrating its economic viability over time.