Bakti Barito Foundation Launches Bakti Barito Learning Series to Highlight The Importance of Education on Environmental Issues and Climate Change

Jakarta, 3 July 2023 – Today, the Bakti Barito Foundation announced the launch of a new webinar series, Bakti Barito Learning Series, in collaboration with the Great Hall of Education (BBPMP) West Java, the Hall of Education Quality Assurance Banten (BPMP) Banten, the Department of Education of Garut, and the Department of Environment of Garut. This initiative will offer 14 classes for free, consisting of 10 webinars and 4 field training sessions.

Attendees will hear instructional best practice lectures from university lecturers, advocates, government officials, NGOs representatives, and educators, all dedicated to environmental sustainability and climate action.

“By opening this series to the public, the Bakti Barito Learning Series is an invitation for listeners to broaden their awareness, deepen their understanding and implement the lessons learned to their communities and their work on critical environmental issues,” said Dian A. Purbasari, Director of Bakti Barito Foundation. “Through conversations with our partners and experts, we aim to foster educators to be agents of change and prepare their students to be climate ready.”

Each episode will explore a unique challenge, covering topics from global and local environmental issues to effective waste management and the role of biodiversity. The series will be available on Zoom and distributed across various platforms, including YouTube Live.

The first class will be held on July 12, 2024. Participants who attend at least 90% of the webinars will receive an e-certificate. The webinars are open to the general public, alongside teachers, school supervisors, headmasters, and parents.

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About Bakti Barito Foundation

Established in 2011, Bakti Barito Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Barito Pacific, an integrated energy company with diversified subsidiaries such as Chandra Asri, Star Energy Geothermal, Griya Idola, and more. Guided by the enduring commitment of our founders, Prajogo Pangestu and his wife Harlina Tjandinegara, the foundation is dedicated to addressing Indonesia's environmental and educational challenges through collaborative initiatives with our partners and the communities we serve.

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